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Let's Collaborate!

Contact us to try the SSW instructional approaches, and adapt it to your settings or courses, including developmental writing courses, integrated reading and writing, co-requisite courses, or first-year composition.



The SSW project continues to collaborate actively with faculty and administrators from all seven colleges that participated in our research. Three faculty wrote an article with us, giving their perspective on why and how the instruction works, and another article is in preparation. Faculty and administrators from 6 of the 7 colleges have presented with us at conferences. Two faculty participants entered and completed the doctoral program in education at the University of Delaware. One college adopted the SSW curriculum for all their developmental English classes, and has been using it for several years. Two colleges collaborated with us to expand the instructional approaches to include a greater focus on reading and using sources. Faculty have adapted components of the SSW strategies for use in first-year composition courses. We are currently planning work with two colleges to design co-requisite courses that include components of our approach.

We invite faculty and colleges to collaborate with us to improve results for all students. Because we are grant-supported, we can offer professional development, materials, and consultation without charge. In the current reform environment, there are many opportunities for collaboration. For example:

Developmental Writing Courses

Our existing curricula include a wide range of genre-based instructional units with and without sources.

Co-requisite courses. We would welcome opportunities to consult in the design of co-requisite courses that incorporate some of our instructional approaches.

Writing Center Tutoring

The strategies and metacognitive focus in SSW are applicable to tutoring in Writing Centers, especially if some courses are using them.

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